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22nd February 2023 Auction.


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An independent auction house offering a dedicated auction service covering all aspects of commercial and residential property throughout Scotland.

Welcome to SVA Property Auctions’ Website

Locally based in Scotland, SVA Property Auctions are a firm dedicated to holding a regular programme of large-scale property auctions offering Commercial Property, Residential Property and Land for development. SVA have developed a reputation for offering both mainstream and more unusual properties located across Scotland. SVA can count many Government Organisations, Public Bodies, Banks and Property Companies as well as Insolvency Practitioners as regular vendors. Sales are traditionally held in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. However, we are currently only able to conduct live streamed online auctions, which provide all the benefits of a traditional sale,whilst being the closest alternative to the traditional “ballroom style” events.

Please see the Properties for Sale for details of all the interesting property we have on offer.

Selling or buying property at auction is an extremely effective and time efficient method of completing a property transaction. The process is very quick compared to other methods and the whole procedure is entirely transparent, with both buyer and seller being able to witness the auction process as it unfolds. Sellers can maximise their price as competition mounts between bidders, and both the seller and buyer can be confident that the deal is done when the hammer falls.

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Why should you use SVA?

Based in Edinburgh, with team members located across Scotland, SVA offers over 20 years of both local and national expertise.

Competitive Bidding - Maximum Sale Price

In the competitive forums of either the auction room and/or live streamed online auctions, bidders generally bid their maximum price, rather than the sum they think they might get away with at a Closing Date.

High Profile Effective Marketing

Marketing is concentrated into a three/four week period, using both traditional and modern methods, all with the focus on a fixed point, namely auction day.

Transparent Sales Process

All bidders and interested parties are able to witness the level of other bids. In the case of being a successful bidder, you have the comfort of knowing you have only bid a small increment more than the underbidder, whilst the seller can see that the best price was achieved.

Deal Done on The Hammer Fall

When the hammer falls a binding unconditional contract or missives are concluded. There is no going back for either party.

Buyer Beware

All bidders and especially the successful bidder must understand that they are deemed to have completed all their due diligence and to be satisfied in all matters before they bid.

Bidders on a Level Playing Field

The Auction Contract (Articles of Roup in Scotland) is the same for all bidders and all bids are accepted on the same basis.

Quick and Easy Sale/Purchase Process

There are no protracted exchanges between the seller’s and purchaser’s solicitors whilst agreeing missives.

Fixed Timescale for Completion

The usual period between the auction and the Date of Entry is 28 days, although the seller has the power to vary the timeframe. Please check the “Legal Pack” which includes the Auction Contract to confirm the Date of Entry.

We cover the whole of Scotland from Ailsa Craig to Zetland!

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