How to Bid

The auction sale, due to the current working environment will be a ‘closed door auction’ and conducted entirely online. Parties intending to bid can use our remote bidding services for:

Proxy bidding

Where the bidder authorises the Auctioneer to bid on their behalf up to the maximum price instructed. 

Internet bidding

Where the bidder can bid from a phone, tablet or computer. 

Internet bidders will be contacted by SVA Property Auctions to arrange for them to bid and they will be required to complete an additional pre-authorisation via Essential Information Group (EIG) who will run this service on our behalf. Verified bidders will be sent an email with instructions on creating an Auction Passport and accepting the EIG terms and conditions. Bidders will then be asked to confirm that they accept our remote bidding terms and conditions.

EIG have recently amended their processes and Step 3 is no longer applicable as no Bidding Pins are now issued. After accepting the remote bidding terms and conditions, you will be emailed information needed for the day of the auction.

See the eight step EIG Bidding Process below or download it as a PDF.

Step 1

If you have registered to bid on a lot in the auction, click “Sign in to bid” in the bidder section.

Step 2

Log into the auction bidding website using Auction Passport

Step 3

Type in your bidding PIN

Step 4

No bidding permissions – please contact the auction house as you are not currently able to bid using this account

Step 5

Once you have logged in and the lot you are registered for is being offered, you will see the following

Step 6

When a bid is placed

Step 7

When your bid is accepted

Step 8

When you successfully win the lot

Telephone bidding

By speaking to a member of the auction team who will bid on the bidder’s behalf. Our telephone bidding service is limited and will be available only by prior arrangement with SVA Property Auctions.

Please refer to section 15 of our terms and conditions for full details and further information.

Every bidder must register to bid in advance by completing our remote bidding form.